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Author: Paulie

01 Dec Video – “And the Man Remained Silent”

In a surprising move, Abraham's faithful servant teaches us how to hear from God. Here's how: A still small voice - sounds like a thought or an impression Through the Word of God Through dreams and visions Through other people Other? Feel free to add in the comments section below :) Read it...

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27 Nov When Jonah is in Your Boat..

Ever felt like Jonah? As in really, truly felt the man? Understood how distressed he must have been, right there in the middle of that raging storm? I have. See, like Jonah, I had a life. A well-oiled, very smoothly running life. I was a loving wife, doting mother and a...

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18 Nov Peter M. Bezalel

I know a man, a very gifted, artistic man, named Peter. Let’s call him Peter Mbithi. I came across him about two years ago, as I was seeking a graphic designer for a new venture. Now, unfortunately for Peter, I happened to be studying the book of Exodus...

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06 Nov Now Therefore, Behold..

I'm sure you know the story; Moses is at the “back of the desert” patiently tending his father-in-law’s sheep. Behold, he sees a burning bush. He approaches it, wondering what on earth could be going on. Suddenly he hears a voice; “Moses, Moses!” And just like that, Moses’ life is never...

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