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Let me testify


When I was about eleven years old I stumbled upon my first “grown-up” novel – a thriller titled The Naked Face, by acclaimed author Sidney Sheldon. The book was hugely popular at the time - a veritable bestseller - and is still available on Amazon...

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23 May A Very Present Help

Clear blue water, sparkling warmly in the pool, a beautiful cottage, delicious meals and wonderful company. That’s what I remember of December, 2009. My hubby and I had travelled to Mombasa, together with our kids and one other couple - good friends - with their kids. A...

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09 Feb So I Dance..

At the end of the 2013 General Elections, I found myself suddenly idle, with nothing to do with my time. I had been part of a busy campaign for one of the candidates, a Believer taking a shot at politics, and had become used to the...

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23 Jan SALT

Today is the 23rd day of the New Year, and I still haven't got round to drumming out some serious resolutions. Perhaps it’s because I generally delay getting back to work until the kids go back to school. I gave up trying to do anything meaningful...

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06 Dec Yet Will I Trust Him..

I’ve worn contact lenses most of my life. I was fifteen years of age when my world suddenly began to get fuzzy, and eighteen when my doctor diagnosed Keratoconus, a condition that alters the shape of the cornea and causes severe short-sight. So I went from wearing...

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08 Sep The Almond Tree

It’s a bright, warm Friday afternoon – the kind that ushers in the weekend most beautifully. I’ve left the office early – it’s barely 1pm but I’m heading straight to the hair salon. I need to get there early enough, so that I can be home in...

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14 Aug Fruits in the Fridge

Back when I was in business, one of my greatest strengths, I was sure, was my ability to stay focused on my work, at all times, no matter what. It was hugely, inordinately, important to me - my work - and took first, second and third...

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29 May I Will Rescue You..

It’s a chilly weekday, some time in mid-October. I’m going about my morning tasks when I receive a call. It’s a man. He doesn’t seem to know me personally, but definitely knows my name. And when he asks, I confirm that it’s me on the line. He...

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