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Complimentary EBook

“Let Me Testify!” Ebook by Paulie.
Download Your Complimentary Copy Now!

EBook – Let Me Testify! The Lord Has Been Good..

It gives me great pleasure to share with you a complimentary PDF copy of my first book, “Let Me Testify! the Lord Has Been Good..”

Please feel free to download it here:

(No contact info necessary) ?

The Story of the Book:

One night, in the month of October 2008, alone in my prayer room, I heard the Lord say these words to me:

“From this day on, wake up and seek Me early.”

And this began a wonderful adventure, in which I learnt to set aside the early hours of the morning, as often as I could, to spend time at the feet of the Father.

The years since have been the most wonderfully fulfilling in my life, and I know in my heart that the Lord has always been here with me – leading, guiding, chastising, teaching, healing, loving.

This Ebook is a collection of stories I have written over those years, some of which I have shared on this blog. Stories of what I believe has been the Lord’s grace over numerous situations in my life, and that of others around me.

I trust you will find some of the stories encouraging, some enlightening, some funny and some downright surprising. But in all, I have endeavored to share openly my journey with the Lord, in the way that I have experienced it.

Feel free to download and share it with your friends.

I hope you will enjoy it!