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Complimentary eBooks

Sample eBooks by Paulie.

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  1. Promotional Sample – “The God Who Sees – Amazing Encounters with the Love of God”.

I’m delighted to share a 2-chapter sample of my third book, “The God Who Sees”.

The book is a compilation of several encouraging testimonies from my life and the lives of others around me. Those who read this blog may have come across some of the testimonies. I have compiled them into an easy-to-read volume for your enjoyment. May you be blessed as you read!

The Story of the Book:

One night, the Lord Jesus appeared to me while I was praying and said these words to me: “Put your hands in mine, close your eyes and stand up..”

So I did. And He led me, eyes tightly shut, from my seat, over my kneeling cushion, across my prayer room and back to my original position. Not once did I stumble or so much as touch any of the furniture in my path. And later, He faithfully gave me this scripture:

“..And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.”

And I understood.

The stories in this book are a glimpse into the Lord’s work in my life, and in that of those around me. Every single experience has left me in great awe of His astounding compassion for us, His beloved children. And each is well and truly an amazing encounter with the love of God.

Please feel free to download the sample here: The God Who Sees – Free Sample

You can purchase the full book at (eBook format). Here’s the link:

The God Who Sees – Amazing Encounters with the Love of God.

(Kshs 550 only)


2. Complimentary eBook – “Let Me Testify! The Lord Has Been Good..

It gives me great pleasure to share with you a complimentary PDF copy of my first book, “Let Me Testify! the Lord Has Been Good..”

The Story of the Book:

One night, in the month of October 2008, alone in my prayer room, I heard the Lord say these words to me:

“From this day on, wake up and seek Me early.”

And this began a wonderful adventure, in which I learnt to set aside the early hours of the morning, as often as I could, to spend time at the feet of the Father.

The years since have been the most wonderfully fulfilling in my life, and I know in my heart that the Lord has always been here with me – leading, guiding, chastising, teaching, healing, loving.

This Ebook is a collection of stories I have written over those years, some of which I have shared on this blog. Stories of what I believe has been the Lord’s grace over numerous situations in my life, and that of others around me.

I trust you will find some of the stories encouraging, some enlightening, some funny and some downright surprising. But in all, I have endeavored to share openly my journey with the Lord, in the way that I have experienced it.

Feel free to download it below and share it with your friends.

Let Me Testify! The Lord Has Been Good.. (Complimentary eBook)

I hope you will enjoy it!

3. KINGS – A Fascinating Look at the Rulers of Ancient Israel

“39 Now the rest of the acts of Ahab, and all that he did, the ivory house which he built and all the cities that he built, are they not written in the book of the chronicles of the kings of Israel?  40 So Ahab rested with his fathers. Then Ahaziah his son reigned in his place. 41 Jehoshaphat the son of Asa had become king over Judah in the fourth year of Ahab king of Israel. 42 Jehoshaphat was thirty-five years old when he became king, and he reigned twenty-five years in Jerusalem. His mother’s name was…”

Are you having a hard time keeping up with the book of Samuel / Kings / Chronicles? Are you struggling to remember the somewhat difficult names of the kings of Israel/Judah, the complex details of their reigns and their (sometimes astonishing) acts? If so, this is the perfect book for you!

This highly-engaging book, “KINGS”, is presented in an easy-to-read, humorous style, and provides a brief, memorable story on each of the forty-two kings of ancient Israel and Judah. It is guaranteed to stir up your interest in these fascinating rulers, and send you dashing back to the Old Testament, to meet them yourself!

Go ahead and download a free 2-chapter sample here: KINGS – Free Sample

You can also purchase the full book at the following:

  1. Print Version – Kshs 950 plus delivery. Nuria are able to deliver right to your door!

KINGS – Print Version

2. eBook (ePUB) Version – Kshs 700. Immediate delivery via secure download:

KINGS – eBook Version

Happy reading!