Paulie | I will Save your Children
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I will Save your Children

I will Save your Children

24 Jan I will Save your Children

My youngest daughter is a great swimmer. Loves the water, could spend most of her life in it, if it were possible.

I remember her at 2 years old, “swimming” full lengths with me.

She couldn’t really swim of course, but would paddle determinedly next to me, one hand clutching the rail and the other reaching out for me, every few minutes.

My little tadpole.

But I was always terrified for her safety.

You see, when she was about 18 months old, just a few months after I had come to know the Lord, I had a dream. A most terrifying dream.

In this dream, I saw my little girl, at the age of a toddler, lying at the bottom of a swimming pool. Her eyes were tightly shut, her body had a number of bruises and was mortally still.

Lord, it’s difficult for me to write this even now, but it was clear that she was no more.

Somehow in the dream, I understood that this was no accident – it was the work of the enemy.

And in reality, I recognized it as a very real threat against her life.

So immediately, I began to pray.

I brought her constantly to the Lord, spoke every promise I knew over her life, petitioned the Lord every way I could, begged and pleaded for her life. Said every prayer I could think of, concerning her.

Brethren, I prayed.

On top of this, I made sure I was scrupulous about her safety, every time we were at a swimming pool. I warned every member of the family to keep a strict eye on her; wouldn’t let her anywhere near the water without floaters, plus an adult or two to watch over her.

But sure enough the dreaded day came.

And I left the poolside for five minutes – five minutes Brethren – and somehow the little girl managed to slip in.

When I came back I found her, shivering and confused, clinging onto her 15 year-old cousin.

No one was able to explain what had happened or how she had escaped everyone and ended up inside the pool.

But by her cousin’s account, there just happened to be a lady, wearing red, sitting quietly by the pool.

And as soon as my daughter had fallen in, she had got up, run quickly to the side and scooped her out, just as she had come up for air.

No one knew who this lady was, and in the confusion that ensued, no one remembered to ask.

So she had slipped quietly away.

It took some minutes to soothe my daughter, but as soon as I was able to, I put her down and began looking for this lady, to thank her for saving her life.

I searched and searched, determined to find her but no one, not even the pool staff, knew who she was or where she had gone.

But finally, Brethren, when I managed to calm down, l was able to recognize what the Lord had done for my daughter.

And today, at 10 years old, the little swimmer is a budding champ, representing her school, and even bringing home a medal or two.

Thank you Lord and may your Name forever be praised!


“..for I will contend with him who contends with you, and I will save your children.” Isaiah 49:25

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 09:13h, 25 January Reply

    When the Lord gives us a sneak preview over things, we should not sit back and accept it as fate. We must pray and pray until something happens or changes.

    • Paulie
      Posted at 14:13h, 30 January Reply

      Yes- God is faithful to warn us. Our duty is to pray!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 20:10h, 25 January Reply

    AMEN PAULIE!!!! THANK YOU A THOUSAND TIMES FOR WRITING THIS. I have this year commenced praying for my eldest daughter who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This new year 2018, God laid it on my heart to trust in Him completely for this particular issue. May GOD BLESS YOU. You were sent by God to confirm this message. Keep writing girl!

    • Paulie
      Posted at 14:12h, 30 January Reply

      Amen! I pray too that your daughter will be healed, in Jesus Name. Let’s keep trusting Him, for His promises are Yea and Amen!

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