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They Could Scarcely Restrain the Multitudes

14 Oct They Could Scarcely Restrain the Multitudes

Picture this.

Circa 47 AD.

You, and one of your good friends – recently baptized and spirit-filled – go on a mission to a faraway city.

You travel many, many miles, all the while anticipating a great turn-out and several thousand wonderful decisions for Eternal Life.

You arrive weary and exhausted, but looking forward to the task ahead.

At the appointed time, you head excitedly to the town square and proceed to present the Gospel to a multitude of expectant Sinners.

You begin with your incredible personal story.

How the Lord saved you from the deepest, darkest trenches of unbelief.

How resistant you were to the message of the Gospel, how completely hardened you were in fact, that you quite ruthlessly persecuted many of those who believed.

You talk about the Saving Grace That is Available to All.

About The Gift of Eternal Life that is there for the taking.

How Even The Vilest Offender can and will receive pardon, if he will only believe in our One and Only Saviour.

“Come..! Come and receive Him”, you entreat.

Marvelous signs and wonders ensue. Several hundred are touched, healed and delivered.

The crowd is enthralled, amazed at this new and wonderful message.

Presently, you see a man in the crowd, desperately crippled and destitute. You do not know this, but he has been that way since birth.

“Stand up and walk!” you shout.

And in the blink of an eye, it is so. The man is instantly healed, to the delight and wonder of all.

You give another alter call, and anxiously await their response.

You have given it your best. You have spoken the true and living Word and it has been confirmed, with great signs and wonders.

Surely those decisions are coming. Surely they have understood and are ready!

Then, there is a stirring in the crowd.

Yes, they are coming! Yes, they have heard!

But alas!

“This must be Zeus!” the crowd roars excitedly. “And Hermes!” they cry.

And here comes the local priest, emerging speedily from the crowd.

Dressed in his robes, and ready with his apparatus – oxen, garlands, everything.

He is ready to sacrifice to the god in their midst – YOU!


Did they not hear? Did they not understand?

Surely this cannot be happening!

You tear your robes and rush into the crowd, imploring them not to do this. You beg and plead, reminding them that you are only human like them.

But it is a difficult task indeed, and you can hardly restrain them from worshiping you, the “god” in their midst.



Watch the Video: “They Could Hardly Restrain the Multitudes


For the full story, head on down to Lystra, near Iconium, in the Roman Province of Galatia.

There, you will find a record of The Apostle Paul and his companion Barnabas, and the amazing work they did while at Lystra, risking their very lives for the Gospel of Christ.

Or better still, you could look it up in the Book of Acts 14:1-20.


“And with these sayings they could scarcely restrain the multitudes from sacrificing to them.” Acts 14:18


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  • Florence Namayi
    Posted at 14:39h, 14 October Reply

    Great job Paulie -amazing work you are doing here

  • Mary
    Posted at 20:06h, 20 October Reply

    Again….wow! I’ve never thought of this account in this sense….” Did they not understand?”

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