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Author: Paulie

01 Apr His Arm is Not Too Short

So last Saturday, a young lady - let’s call her Bernice - asks to speak to me for a few minutes. She needs to tell me something, she says. Urgently. I know this must be important - she recently re-committed her life to Christ and...

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When I was about eleven years old I stumbled upon my first “grown-up” novel – a thriller titled The Naked Face, by acclaimed author Sidney Sheldon. The book was hugely popular at the time - a veritable bestseller - and is still available on Amazon...

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27 Sep KINGS – Zimri

FROM THE BOOK "KINGS". ---- KING ZIMRIKingdom of Israel, Circa 884 BCE Zimri, commander of King Elah’s chariots (half of them), is a crafty man. A cunning, patient man. And he has a plan. He has been mulling it for some time, biding his time, awaiting the perfect moment. He desires to be...

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27 Sep The Silent Shout

She came wearing a loose, threadbare dress, worn rubber slippers, and a tired headscarf, barely concealing rough braids underneath. Her thin, frail frame said it all. “She looked thin and bony,” Lily tells me as we begin the interview for this story. “And I remember noticing that...

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29 Aug On the Palms of His Hands..

I'm not much of an artist. Fact is, I have not one artistic bone in my body. But, attending a church conference a few years ago, I felt unusually drawn to a lively discussion on Christian artists. The speaker was a good friend of mine, and I had...

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26 Jul “Honey” – And Other Stories

So last weekend I attended a coming-of-age party for my niece, a delightful young lass just turning eighteen. I had never been to such an event - my own coming-of-age session having consisted of five words, sternly delivered as I entered my pre-teens: “Do Not Play With Boys,” Mum...

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