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Author: Paulie

07 Nov Our Rock Eternal..

I’ve made it a practice over the years to meet my kids at the door after school, whenever I happen to be working from home (which is pretty often nowadays, it appears). So it’s a fairly typical weekday and I’m winding up my day as I...

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30 Apr You Will Hear a Voice

I have always enjoyed working from home, especially since it became the new norm and everyone is just a quick Zoom call away. And for me, this means that on most days, the distance between my “home” and “office” is just seventy brisk steps out...

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16 Apr Do Not Destroy

It’s early evening on Wednesday, 26th November 2008. I have just tucked the little ones in, and settled into our family room, to watch a bit of TV as I wait for hubby to come home. One of my favorite evangelists, Angus Buchan, is on air,...

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28 Mar The God Who Sees..

I’ve been meaning to tell this story for a while but have always stopped short, seeking to confirm that everything is still alright. Even now, just before I put pen to paper, I feel the need to ensure with my own eyes, once again, that...

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01 Apr His Arm is Not Too Short

So last Saturday, a young lady - let’s call her Bernice - asks to speak to me for a few minutes. She needs to tell me something, she says. Urgently. I know this must be important - she recently re-committed her life to Christ and...

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When I was about eleven years old I stumbled upon my first “grown-up” novel – a thriller titled The Naked Face, by acclaimed author Sidney Sheldon. The book was hugely popular at the time - a veritable bestseller - and is still available on Amazon...

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