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29 Aug On the Palms of His Hands..

I'm not much of an artist. Fact is, I have not one artistic bone in my body. But, attending a church conference a few years ago, I felt unusually drawn to a lively discussion on Christian artists. The speaker was a good friend of mine, and I had...

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26 Jul “Honey” – And Other Stories

So last weekend I attended a coming-of-age party for my niece, a delightful young lass just turning eighteen. I had never been to such an event - my own coming-of-age session having consisted of five words, sternly delivered as I entered my pre-teens: “Do Not Play With Boys,” Mum...

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21 Jun Work as Unto the Lord..

Early one Saturday morning, I accompanied my favourite half to a business summit at a wonderful church in Umoja. He had been invited as a guest speaker and was the first on the program, scheduled to deliver his talk at 8.30am. It was quite a task...

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23 May A Very Present Help

Clear blue water, sparkling warmly in the pool, a beautiful cottage, delicious meals and wonderful company. That’s what I remember of December, 2009. My hubby and I had travelled to Mombasa, together with our kids and one other couple - good friends - with their kids. A...

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16 May There are Tares in the Wheat

A few days ago, while shopping at a supermarket near home, I received a call from a gentleman I know. I had just finished stacking my trolley and was heading for the check-out counter when he called. He’s a man I highly respect, and have come...

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18 Apr A Miracle in the Desert

“Pack a bible, a notebook, comfortable walking shoes and mosquito repellent.” Tick! “Sun huts and sun screen if needed. And sandals.” Tick! “Light clothing (the place is very hot, exclamation mark), and a bottle for your drinking water.” Double tick! “This assignment must not be among your fails.” Tick?! It was an email,...

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06 Apr I Will Draw Her into the Wilderness..

She has a beautiful name, one I’ve only heard once before. And warm, brown eyes. She’s somewhat reserved, perhaps even a little shy, but has a graceful sense of propriety. And a smile that surprises you with the pretty glow it casts on her face. She’s my room-mate, in a cozy,...

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