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Chit chat

18 Feb Nakisisa’s Flight

It’s dark, under here. And scary. And hot. There is a spider at the corner, near my left eye, sitting still, staring at me. I’m too scared to move, so I keep my eyes firmly on it. I can hear Baba coming. I don’t know what time it...

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04 Nov The Orange Suit

So earlier this week I had a mid-morning cuppa with a young lady, an American publisher, who also happens to be a writer. Had a good old chinwag about all things books, as only writers can do on a fine Tuesday morning, at Art Cafe. Sheer...

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29 Aug The Trials of an Introverted Wife

I’m a bit of an Introvert, I'll admit. So last Friday, I’m Netflixing and chilling, having recently discovered there’s actually a few things I can watch on this platform, though I’m way, way off its target audience. I’ve found a nice, sizzling documentary and.. (It’s possible to say...

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17 Jul Kryptonite

A dear friend asked me to post this story anonymously, as the party involved is - well - Kryptonite. Read on.. --- After our second date, I cried and asked God why HE would give me a temptation I could not resist. Let me tell you about this...

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11 Apr Dear Nominee.. BAKE Awards

So yesterday afternoon, I open an email and it says "Dear Nominee.." I do a double-take. Nominee? Then I notice the sender - Turns out my blog has been nominated for the BAKE Awards, and I'm soon giddy with excitement. I run upstairs to tell my sometime editor and...

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24 Mar Every Good and Perfect Gift..

I have always been a worshiper. Perhaps because the Evangelist who led me to Christ was such an ardent worshiper, I simply followed her lead when I gave my life to Christ. Or maybe it's something that was always buried somewhere deep within me.   Somehow, even before I...

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You Will Receive Power

13 Feb You Will Receive Power

By the time I came to Christ, I knew very little about the Bible; I couldn't even tell who came first - Abraham or David! So, being what you might call the scholarly type, I decided to go back to school and acquire the necessary papers. Naturally,...

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I will Save your Children

24 Jan I will Save your Children

My youngest daughter is a great swimmer. Loves the water, could spend most of her life in it, if it were possible. I remember her at 2 years old, "swimming" full lengths with me. She couldn't really swim of course, but would paddle determinedly next to me,...

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